3 most experienced players in the Premier League

The players listed below are the sourdoughs of Premier League who have devoted a great deal to the sport that we all love, Football. With playing back in the late 00’s all the way through to 2018, these three players have always produced great and are still going as world-class footballers.

From the likes of Ryan Giggs to Gareth Barry, who both have a combined total of almost 1400 appearances in the league, to the very recent ones in the form of James Milner and Leighton Baines, their days in the football are far from over.

With strong willpower and tonnes of accolades, the senior players in the league have had an extraordinary time with their respective clubs for over a decade. One must admire just how much higher can they keep going?

1) Jermain Defoe

Sevilla v AFC Bournemouth - Pre-Season Friendly

Club: AFC Bournemouth


A winner of the ‘Order of the British Empire’, Defoe is considered as being one of the most constant and well-known English strikers of the modern era. Playing for five different Premier League teams, and having 200 goals,  Defoe is now looking forward to setting a milestone of 500 appearances in his career. However, his career was injury-plagued and was unable to make an impact in professional football during his career.

Jermain Defoe is best known for his time with the Spurs side, back in the mid-2000s. Defoe is also considered a real deal for the teams that he has played for.


2) James Milner

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Club: Liverpool

Appearances: 489

James Milner started his professional football at a tender age and has been an essential member of clubs like Aston Villa, Leeds United and Newcastle.

Taking everyone to surprise, James Milner was one of the initial signings of the Liverpool in January 2015. He left the reigning PL winners, Manchester City on a free transfer to start a new journey at the Anfield.  By taking his club all the way to the Champions League finals, Milner has proven himself as one of the most accomplished playmakers in the league. With his ability to play at any given position, and with the leadership qualities that the veteran has to offer, Milner, even at the age of 32 keeps his flame alive.

At Liverpool, James Milner stands strong as a mainstay of the current lineup. He has completed 100 appearances for the club and remains one of the old dogs of the ongoing season. James Milner now looks forward to the incredible 500 Premier League appearances that will be completed this very season.

3) Petr Cech

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Club: Arsenal

Appearances: 440

Regarded as one of the most consistent, efficient and honoured goalkeepers all around the world, the Czech shot-stopper is one of the most decorated goalies of his generation. With an eye for the ball, and with cat-like reflexes, Cech has drawn parallels to the likes of Gianluigi Buffon and Oliver Kahn. Also played for Chelsea, Petr Cech is one of the keepers to have more than 250 clean sheets for the blues.

The 36-year-old moved to Arsenal back in 2015, breaking his decade-long tenure at the Stamford Bridge. The veteran keeper is easily regarded as one of the most experienced players in the league.

Cech has a consolidated total of 440 appearances for Arsenal and Chelsea. He currently leads in the number of saves season too, showing that he’s still got it after all this time.

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