3 Reasons why Golden State Warriors are successful

3 Reasons why Golden State Warriors are successful

Out of the last 4 NBA championships, the team has won three and are on the path to win more. Here the team is none other than the Golden State Warriors. Being one of the most successful teams in the basketball, Golden State Warriors have a bunch of talented players in itself, transcending the basketball itself.

Here are the top three reasons why the Golden State Warriors are the most successful team in the NBA.


The Warriors have the best offense and the stats speak for itself. They top the list of the offensive-rating list for the past three years. Stephen Curry can drop 25 points in his sleep, Kevin Durant can score 25 like its nothing and the other offensive players also can get the ball in the hoop without any difficulty.

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The key to the Warriors is not just their offensive outburst, but staying on top in defence as well. In the recently concluded 2017-18 season, Warriors finished 9th on the offensive rating list. In 2014-15, when they won their first title in the modern era, they were ranked 1st in the defensive rating and always stayed consistent with their defense since then.

Golden State Warriors’ associate head coach Mike Brown is one of the greatest defensive minds of all-time. Draymond Green is a 3-time consecutive All-Defensive First Team member and also won the Defensive Player of the Year trophy in 2017 for his defensive greatness. Stephen Curry averages 1.8 steals per game and is very sharp on the court.

Squad Depth:

Warriors won their first title of this era in 2015, and when they won it, it was the bench that chipped in, added in many ways and kept the team going. Marreese Speights averaged double-digits in points that season coming off the bench. Players like Shaun Livingston, David Lee, Barbosa came up big and performed a key role to bring home the championship.

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The Golden State Warriors increased their squad depth and added some key role players in the off-seasons hence. They brought in players like JaVale McGee, Ian Clark, Jordan Bell, Matt Barnes, David West to the most-decorated franchise in order to bolster their bench.

Selfless play:

Curry had a back-to-back MVP with a championship ring in his resume. Curry didn’t need to make that sacrifice of allowing another elite-player to come to steal the attention. After dropping career-high 30.1 points per game and winning the unanimous MVP, Curry decided to sacrificed minutes, touches per game and reputation to create room for another superstar.

With two of the biggest stars, Kevin and Curry, making sacrifices no would even dream of making, the team built a strong bond and became the team that it is today, dominating the league as nobody has ever done before.



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