Top 5 Memorable Moments in History of Cricket

Cricket, Just not a Sport, Top 5 Memorable Moments in History of Cricket
                                                                  Cricket, Just not a Sport

If you are a cricket fanatic, you must have still not been able to take down the spine that how celebrated this sports is across the globe. 3 out of every 5 people we meet shows the utmost interest in cricket and also has all the latest updates about its ongoing tournament. It is played around the world, though it is more famed in certain countries. It is estimated that there are 2.5 billion fans of cricket all over the world and countries like India, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka are major cricket playing nations. When it is such a significant game worldwide, we definitely know there are moments down its history line which are absolutely unforgettable.

Here we see Top 5 Memorable Moments in History of Cricket:


  • Highest Match Aggregate- SA vs Australia-  This historical event dates back to March 12, 2006. During the 5th ODI between Australia and SA, former batted first putting up the score of 434/4 in 50 overs which broke the previous records. In turn, SA successfully chased it and made 438/9 with one ball to spare. The match has been acclaimed as greatest ODI ever played and been specified as “438 match” or “438 game” in the media.



  • Don Bradman’s Phenomenal Test Batting Average- I don’t think anyone would have any doubt about this sensational record. His test career batting average is splendid 99.94. Sir Bradman is also said to have 100 runs from just 3 overs in a match between Blackheath and Lithgow back in 1931.



  • Brian Charles Lara’s Magnificent Records- The great batsman from West Indies got famed first when he scored 277 in his 5th test at Sydney. Then he scored 375 against England at St. John’s, Antigua, 1993-94. He got life-long famous for his spectacular 400 against England, at St. John’s, Antigua, 2004 but his 501* scored in 1994 remains unparalleled. Here is the video-

    Brian Lara after scoring 400, Top 5 Memorable Moments in History of Cricket
    Brian Lara after scoring 400


  • Anil Kumbles’ 10 Wicket Haul- On February 7, 1999 Team India launched a massive weapon against their rivals and that was spinner Anil Kumble. The whole squad of Pakistan got webbed in his bowling attack and Kumble was able to grab a splendid 10 wicket haul in the game which helped team India registering huge 212 run win over Pakistan. This spell of Kumble helped him getting his name etched forever in the history of cricket. Here is the video-



  • Master Blaster’s Double Ton- Our very own Sachin Tendulkar became the first batsman to hit the double century in one day International cricket. This historical event dates back to February 24, 2010 when India was playing Bilateral Series against South Africa in Gwalior. During the 2nd ODI, Sachin overcame humidity, stress and cramps to script an amazing innings which helped India to achieve 153 run victory over SA and therefore maintained a 2-0 lead in series.

    Sachin Tendulkar after scoring 200, Top 5 Memorable Moments in History of Cricket
    Sachin Tendulkar after scoring 200



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